I work for Maltem

As UX/UI Web Designer in a team of UX Designers and Researchers at Foyer, I'm in charge of building a strong Design System through several products of the Group.

I worked 3 years for WP Media

As Full-Stack Developer, I was in charge of the WordPress themes and plugins of the company. I worked on several products: WP Rocket, Imagify and SecuPress. Our goal: make the web a better place.

I worked 5 years for Alsacréations

As Project Manager, C.T.O., Front-end and Back-end Developer and WordPress Expert, I worked for collectivities, administrations, companies, organizations, little and big clients.

I manage my own Studio Creative Juiz

Freelance since 2008, I take in charge a lot of projects for my own clients. Small and big companies trusted me for their projects, sometimes technical projects, sometimes more visual.

I work on WordPress Plugins

As PHP Developer, I worked on WordPress plugin to improve that popular CMS base. I contributed to the famous WooCommerce plugin and as translator for several plugins and themes.

I write articles for my blog

Curating is one of my hobbies. When I find something cool and useful, I share it in my blog. I also write freelance advises, tutorial for HTML/CSS/JS developments and for WordPress.

I write Magazines and Books

To share with "real people" I also write magazines and book for the Oracom Edition. I've been re-viewer for Eyrolles and translator for a SMACSS, a book about CSS methodology.

I'm a ninja on my free hours Tengu-Ryu Karatedo

I work on myself, mentaly and physically during martial art session. I'm a Teacher and a learner at the same time. I practice Karate Shotokan, Tengu-ryu Karate-do, and Kung-fu. I'm also a Lion Dancer. (guess)

I take Photographies

I'm in love with the image. When I have time to spend with the nature or during other activites, I enjoy taking some photos.

I wrote for other blogs

To spread the good word on several publics, I share my knowledge on other blogs, friends of mine or just more specialized in some other domains than my own blog.